5 Unique Habit of Singaporeans

Things Singaporean Likes to do

It’s not simply the chope-ing of tables with tissue paper and picking a vendor slow down to belittle in light of the fact that it has a long queue – we islanders have bounty more characteristics. Look at these 10 particularly Singaporean propensities (like undermining individuals with Stomp and sniggering when you see the initials “CB”), and check whether you can name more!


Macdonald’s and their restricted version toys appear to draw out the best and most noticeably awful in Singaporeans. What’s terrible: the way that individuals are happy to line for amazing hours, battle, menace the counter staff and call the police, over a TOY. The great? Our venturesome and innovative characteristics show up: from enlisting individuals to remain in line for you, to selling the toy online for a huge number of dollars. Presently if no one but we could apply these plans to real significant things like urging individual natives to quit littering.


Better believe it, you know you’re liable. In the event that you see individuals giving out those tissue parcels with special material as a spread, you wouldn’t see any problems with taking it. In any case, if it’s a poor grass who’s giving out simply paper, you’re going to walk directly past him without lifting your hand to state, “No way.”


Got to Maxwell Food Center just to find that Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice supernaturally has no line? Well screw whatever you were at first going to arrange ’cause you’re having celebrated chicken rice today. No line leh! Should take the risk to eat!


You can make sure that the tag number of a vehicle in a Channel 8 show will sell out on the end of the week, after its first appearance. Same goes to vehicles that are in mishaps or the paper. Infant birthday celebrations, weddings, transport tickets (If the numbers signify 21 – MUST BUY) – and at whatever point some sort of fortuitous event comes up: “Wah! You have a similar birthday as me? Must purchase 4D!”


The national online cesspit that is Stomp, is an apparatus to hold rude conduct within proper limits. In the event that your companion needs to accomplish something humiliating in broad daylight, you should simply say, “Eh don’t lah, later you kena Stomp how?” to stop him.


Other than National Day, another of those uncommon occasions the Singaporean overall population will stand together as one is the point at which they recognize that white and blue uniform-clad aunt with her threw over-the-shoulder summons-printing gadget. “Aunt lai liao!” you’ll hear. The resulting run that occurs, to move the illicitly left vehicles, ought to scout reason for our national olympic style events mentors – who knows what sort of wearing ability we can reveal?


“Affirm ensure in addition to cleave”, “GG”, “Bo jio” and “Steam” are just a couple of our sharp increments to the English language that spreads rapidly in utilization, over our little island. Befuddled? Try not to stress, look down to the finish of the article for a clarification.

Singlish catchphrases :

Affirm ensure in addition to slash: To be 101% sure. Gotten from the affirmation of an unconditional promise and the utilization of an organization stamp, which means official-dom.

Model: “The film is damn great – affirm ensure in addition to cleave.”

GG: Originally GGXX, a shortening for “Good game; game over”, which web based gamers use. In common Singaporean design, we’ve abbreviate it to GG, yet kept the ramifications of XX, that, it’s down over for you, ie. you are damned.

Model: “He coincidentally told his better half she was fat. GG liao.”

Bo jio: To not have been asked to a trip or occasion, frequently used to express disillusionment.

Model: “You went to the show the previous evening? Wah lau, bo jio!”

Steam: Colloquially, to “steam” signifies to get an erection. Thus, it is utilized to portray something incredibly, great.

Model: “Wah, the previous evening the stew crab damn steam.”

7 Things That Make Singapore Special

What makes Singapore a Great Country

Singapore is a modest nation that is littler than many real urban communities around the globe, yet this city state has figured out how to positively shape the world with some first rate honors regardless of its minute size and generally youthful age. Here are 7 things that Singapore is best known for.

Being excessively spotless

Singapore is eminent for having the absolute cleanest roads on the planet, to a great extent due to a 50,000-in number cleaning workforce utilized to keep the avenues clean. Singapore is likewise known for its severe laws on littering, spitting in the city, vandalism and open pee that can result in substantial fines and additionally a discipline called Corrective Work Order, where wrongdoers are required to get litter in open wearing a brilliant vest.

Greenery in the midst of the city

Singapore has a notoriety for being the Garden City, apparent in how all around manicured and rich the open spaces and even the streets are. While a great part of the rural and wild scenes were cleared to clear a path for the developing populace, endeavors have been made to bring some greenery into the solid wilderness – other than open parks in the midst of the tall structures, you will frequently observed blossoms and shrubberies covering the overhead extensions, or tall obscure trees planed along the focal divider of the freeways.

That restriction on biting gum

Numerous individuals recall Singapore as that spot you can’t bite gum in, a standard actualized in 1992 to battle the interruptions gum was causing on the then-recently propelled metro framework, and included overwhelming fines to anybody found putting their gum in undesirable spots. While guidelines are commonly increasingly loosened up today and you can get gum for your very own utilization, despite everything you won’t discover gum sold anyplace around the island except if you visit the drug store with a specialist’s medicine for nicotine or dental gum.

Fines and flogging

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Traveler shirts regularly consider Singapore a ‘fine city’ because of the quantity of laws and guidelines that can result in a heavy fine whenever spurned, these can run from smoking in no-smoking regions, jaywalking or notwithstanding eating and drinking on the MRT. Progressively genuine infractions like theft, vandalism or medication dealing in Singapore can result in prison sentences, yet additionally flogging like caning or even a capital punishment.

The place where there is shopping centers

Plantation Road is maybe the most bustling stretch of street in Singapore, a 2.2km stretch with numerous extravagance shopping centers covering the street on the two sides, and sees local people and sightseers alike group the shopping centers on ends of the week. Nowadays, pretty much every significant area in Singapore has its very own shopping center, regularly a famous home base spot for adjacent inhabitants who need to get something to eat, complete a spot of shopping or simply appreciate the cooling solace on a hot evening.

Having an amazing air terminal and aircraft

Singapore’s Changi Airport is a standout amongst the best places to have a delay, a huge present day office with courtesies like a free film, bloom plants and even a pool for guests arriving or going through Singapore. Changi Airport is additionally the base for national bearer Singapore Airlines, acclaimed for its notable Singapore Girl airline stewards and administration that reliably earns worldwide acknowledgment as a standout amongst the best aircrafts to fly with.

Modest and great road nourishment

Lodgings and exercises in Singapore may not generally be the least expensive, yet guests love that its road sustenance has remained moderately shoddy while having high cleanliness and quality. Local people and travelers alike fearless the stickiness to eat in any of the nation’s numerous peddler focuses, loaded up with an enormous assortment of neighborhood and local nourishment slows down – a most loved approach to encounter Singaporean culture. A portion of Singapore’s best vendor sustenance slows down have even figured out how to earn Michelin stars, a world first.

Top 10 cheap places to shop in Singapore

Singapore is world-famous for its modern shopping malls and branded goods.

Visitors flock to some of the iconic buildings and markets for shopping.

Singapore can meet your needs for high-end brands, but to be honest, when you walk into a big shopping mall like ION Orchard and see the price on the label, the high price reduces your enthusiasm for shopping. Does this mean you have to place an order online while waiting for delivery?

Of course not! Even if your budget is limited, you’ll find affordable fashion items or everyday items. Here are some guides to tell you where to buy something that’s cheap.

Top 5 cheap places to shop in Singapore

1. Chinatown

In Singapore, Chinatown is perhaps the best place to buy traditional Chinese goods. There are not only discounted goods but also a wide variety of souvenirs. Walk into Chinatown and there are lined up stalls on both sides of Pagoda Street.

Everything from cheap clothing to consumer electronics. If you think the things on the stall are a bit tacky, you can go to the traditional shop behind the stall. These shops offer a lot of rare and fun things, including antique furniture, Chinese fans and so on. You can certainly find something that fits your budget.

2. Bukis Street

This cheap shopping spot is at the bottom of the list, but it’s the largest place to shop, with more than 600 shops. Every country has a market that becomes a frequent visitor.

Bukis Street Cheap food

In Singapore, there is a market called Bukit Street. Here you will find all kinds of cheap goods. Including fashion clothing (especially T-shirts), bags, food, and household items.

In addition, there are K-pop products, electronics and clothing accessories. If you don’t see anything you like at the stalls, check out the nearby Bugis Junction mall. There, you’ll find some something more expensive.

3. MUSTAFA Shopping Centre

Mustafa Shopping Centre is a haven for cheap shoppers, with more than 300,000 different items on display. In addition, the shopping centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is open all year round.

There are many low-cost items, including clothing, cosmetics, electronics, groceries, stationery and shoes. If you like delicious Indian curries, go to Mustafa Shopping Centre to buy a variety of food and spices.

4. Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza is another place to shop cheaply in Singapore.

Shops ranging from jewellery to clothes offer plenty of shopping options for shoppers who demand affordable prices. Tired of bargaining? Take a break and relax at a cheap but well-known spa and hair salon.

5. Lucky Plaza

Luxury goods and cheap goods can be found in one place? It is well known that shops along Orchard Road are usually aimed at wealthy shoppers.

Good Place to buy Souvenir, Lucky Plaza

The Lucky Building, on the other hand, has set up a row of shops selling affordable goods.

Although you may find the layout of the shop a bit confusing, the 30-year-old building still exudes retro charm. Here you can buy cheap clothes, chocolates and souvenirs. Or enjoy a cheap brow repair or haircut.

Tips to Optimize Your Trip to Singapore


For some people, visiting Singapore is a dream. This country is one of the most popular countries that will be perfect for the tourists. Indeed, when you choose this country as your destination, you will get so many unforgettable moments. One of them is when you can see the fusion of various cultures in Singapore. Due to the influences by many countries surrounding it, you can find a rich combination in the country and also in its cuisine. Therefore, you might want to reserve a promo ticket to Singapore for finding the best match for your trip. In this case, you can also add more things in your trip and vacation.

Finding a good trip experience is not easy. Therefore, you need to make a good schedule that will be perfect for your need. As you choose the most attractive destinations, you need to make sure that you depart on time. Choosing a good airline is one of the most important things you can do. But, some good quality airlines will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you need to be a smart buyer when deciding to purchase the ticket to visit Singapore. When it comes to you to choose the ticket, you might want to know the tips to choose them.

Choose the Promo Ticket Wisely

When you plan to visit Singapore, you might want to start by choosing the airline with affordable ticket fare. Don’t worry, there are some unique offers of promo ticket to Singapore that will help you to save more money when you plan to visit the country.

But, not all people are finding it easy to get the ticket. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the best method to find the affordable ticket to fly to Singapore. Here are some tips to find the best offer from the airlines:

  1. The first thing you can try is to book the ticket from several weeks before the date. It will help you to save money because there will be a cheaper ticket rate for you. Besides, choosing the ticket from several weeks before the date will be more affordable since there are still many empty seats available. Of course, you can get the best offer as there are still many empty seats, right?
  2. When it comes to you to book the ticket, you can decide to get them from the best. Booking the ticket will be quite tricky as you choose them from the website. In this case, you can book the airplane tickets from the websites. There are some promotions that will help you to save money as you plan a trip to Singapore.
  3. You can also follow the airline’s official social media accounts. There are some information that will be useful if you are looking for a discounted flight ticket. There are also some promos that will only be shared on social media. So, following the social media account and being aware of their posts will help you to find the accounts.
  4. To get the promo ticket to Singapore, you can also get the best info from some media. In this case, there are some events where you can find the tickets easily. The promoted tickets will only be able to be accessed at some special events like the airline’s birthday or any other occasions that will be useful for saving money.
  5. When you choose the ticket, you can also find the best way you get along with some ticket agents. Nowadays, there are some ticket agents that are available on the website. It will make your ticket hunting easier. Therefore, you can choose the tickets easily from the agents. The agents will also provide the discounts for you, which means you can save more money for your transaction.

Choosing the best way to purchase a promoted ticket is something simple now. But, you still need to be fast when you book the ticket. Due to the cheaper price, the discounted tickets will be hunted by so many people. It will only result in one thing; chaos. Of course, you need to be fast in booking and paying the ticket so you can get the chance to get along with the schedule. So, if you have a trip plan, you might want to look for any promo ticket to Singapore now!

10 Things to Enjoy in Singapore

A new experience that’s different

Of course, you may have been here, but you certainly haven’t seen it, you haven’t played it.

Visitors can collect this list and compare each activity on this list of tours to see if they have experienced all the Singapore excursions, including famous excursions and less well-known activities.

1. Enjoy Coffee at the Cafe

Singapore’s cafes are booming and there is no sign of a pause. Enjoy delicious coffee and mouth-watering cuisine at cafes such as Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Symmetry and Maison Ikkoku.

It’s not possible to stop, of course, because there are many more cafes in the Bugis and Lavender districts, including The Hangar, a Melbourne-style cafe, and Antoinette, a French pastry shop.

2. Visit the National Gallery

The National Gallery of Singapore was built for a full decade and opened to the public in November 2015. Located in the former High Court and Government Building, two of Singapore’s most iconic national monuments, the museum showcases modern art from Southeast Asia, the largest in the world.

Amazingly, the National Gallery takes advantage of stunning, flawless museum sites such as the High Court Hall and the Meadow Atrium of the Government Building, showcasing more than 8,000 works of art.

3. Island Jumping Tour

Signs at the entrance to Coney Island. Visit Coney Island, one of Singapore’s newest tourist attractions. Located on Singapore’s northeast coast, Coney Island is 50 hectares of walking distance from Punggol Point Park and is ideal for cycling and bird watching. Other islands worth visiting are Larelius and Pulau Seringat, which are connected to the southern islands of Singapore.

Take a ferry from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island and enjoy the natural pollution-free beaches.

4. Sightseeing routes for cultural sites

Learn about Singapore’s long history through cultural heritage tours such as The Queenstown Cultural Heritage Tour and Changi Museum World War II Cultural Heritage Sightseeing. The former features a free guided tour of The Dawson and Alexandra districts of Queenstown on the last Saturday of every month (registered here), while the latter’s highlight is a tour of Singapore’s most iconic World War II sites in Changi.

5. Experience local cuisine

A plate of chicken rice. You’ve probably been to popular places like Maxwell Food Centre and Newton Food Centre, so why not go to these not-so-many deli centres? To some neighborhood dining spots such as ABC Brickworks Deli Center, Old Airport Road Food Center, Xiamen Street Food Center, and Tambini Food Center

Ines Round Market and Food Centre are a variety of delicacies such as roast duck, chicken rice, fish fillet soup and fried radish cake.

6. Visit Singapore’s Wet Market

Inside the stalls at the Wet Market in the Bamboo Foot Center. Experience locals buying fresh food, frozen meat, spices, dry food and other food in residential wet goods market, such as: Zhongyulu (Zhongyulu wet goods market), cattle truck water (cow cart water building) and Small India (bamboo foot center) and so on. Which location is the best place to go?

You can experience the local group housing areas in these areas and see how the local people live.

7. Go see a local brand and buy affordable fashion

Visit Singapore’s local and non-mainstream brands such as the In Good Company store at the Orchard Shopping Centre and the SABRINAGOH store in Capitol Piazza. Or see casual, avant-garde, trendy clothing and other clothing at Sects Shop by Depression and SUPERSPACE at Orchard Gateway. If you’re looking for an affordable price, check out sportswear at Queensway Shopping Centre in Sportswear, and if you’re looking for a brand discount, go to the IMM Jurong Mall to see Osim, Charles and Keith, Adidas, COACH, etc.

8. Stay Dynamic

Stay dynamic in the city, too. How about going to the indoor trampoline garden? Jump in the AMPED trampoline garden. Or climb at Kallang Wave Mall (rest assured that indoor rock climbing doesn’t feel like a fire). You can also go surfing at Wave House Sentosa.

If you like time-limited guessing, play “Secret Room Escape” fantasy exercise mind! Whether it’s watching, playing, eating and buying a lot, you’ll find the unique side of Singapore and even become a regular here.

9. Visit the Farm

As many may know, Singapore is an urban jungle, but it is not surprising to see farms on the outskirts of the city. If you like to play on the farm, go to scenic spots such as Bollywood Vegetable Farm, Lian Hang Wah Quail Farm and Jurong Frog Farm.

If you’d like to stay, head to D’Kranji Farm Resort, a relaxing hotel in the port of Linton, featuring activities such as spacious villas, spa treatments and shrimp fishing.

10. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the outdoors

Singapore has many scenic green resorts and outdoor attractions. Take a bike ride along East Coast Park (and then hang out by the sea) and hike to the MacRitchie Reservoir to challenge the 250-metre suspension bridge known as the Tree Top Walk to see The Wanli (Mandai) mangroves or walk along the Goose Waterway Park.

How to Commute Comfortably in Singapore


Visiting Singapore can be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life. Indeed, this country is considered as one of the most modern, most successful country with modern people. There are also some aspects that will make your trip to Singapore to be more attractive. As there are plenty of things you can do in this place, you can also get the unique culture fusion in this country. Various cultures like Chinese, Malay, Indonesia and India can be found in this country, adding the beauty as you explore more. Although it might not be easy for you to decide which place to visit, but you need to plan the transportation in this country.

The Transportation Alternatives in Singapore

When you choose to visit Singapore, you will have to try to choose some transportation alternatives. We recommend you to get some public transportation if it is possible, but some private transport will be good if you are looking for the ones who need to transport fast from a place to another. Therefore, you can conclude that the transportation is depended on how you plan your schedule in this place. So, here are some alternatives when you need to commute in Singapore.

  1. The first alternative is when you choose to be mobile and get to your work. When it comes to you to get along with the tight schedule, you need to know that the taxi will be your best choice when you get them. In this case, you can also choose some unique taxis when you are in Singapore. Choosing the online taxis will also help you to get a fixed rate for the trip. It is recommended if you want to save more money in your trip.
  2. When you are looking for a fast trip without getting too much bothered with the traffic, choosing the MRT is one of the best alternatives you can get. This transportation is somehow fast and on time. You don’t have to be afraid of the fare because it is very affordable as you get the card for the trip. Of course, you can get the best things when choosing MRT as your transportation.
  3. If you want to see the beauty of Singapore, you can take bus. There are some buses that will be helpful for everyone who is looking for the easy trip around the city. Besides, you can also get some unique things that will be perfect as you can see the landmark and also the unique attractions around the city. It is also affordable and Singapore government provides the best, most comfortable bus for you.

Exploring Singapore can be done by choosing some transportations that will be perfect for your trip. When it comes to you to get along with the transportation alternatives, make sure that you know the destination and you need to also suit them with your need. If you need to hurry, taking a taxi will be better although it might be quite expensive. For a casual trip, you can choose bus or the MRT.

Unveil the Beauty of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is one of the most wanted destinations by many tourists. Not only because it has so many attractive places to visit, but also the unique things for you to consider. Going to Singapore is nothing but easy as you can choose the best things to accommodate your needs as you are in this country. There are also some unique things that will be perfect when you visit Singapore. Fun Activities to Do in Universal Studio Singapore is best place for have fun with family and then One of the most popular places in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. This unique gardens will be suitable with the needs of everyone who is new to Singapore. Therefore, you can choose this destination as one of the best.

If you are new in Singapore, you might ask about what things you can do as you explore Singapore. In this case, you can consider some things that will be perfect for every newbie in this country. But, you might also want to know more about the attractions that will be suitable with your purpose when you first decide to visit this beautiful country. Gardens by the Bay will give you a new perspective about Singapore. Of course, you can choose some unique activities during your trip in Singapore, but you can get an unforgettable memory in Gardens by the Bay.

The Fun Attractions in Gardens by the Bay

As one of the most popular destinations in Singapore, of course there are so many attractions that will be good for you to experience. When it comes to you to choose the best attraction, you can visit this place and find the unique thing for your need. Besides, these attractions are somehow simple and unique to experience. So, here are some of the best attractions that will be perfect for the tourist in Gardens by the Bay:

  1. Cloud Forest is one of the beautiful attractions you can visit in Gardens by the Bay. With its beautiful concept, you can see the skyline and the clouds. The visitors will be facilitated to step into a beautiful place where everything is peaceful just like in the mountains. The place is somehow charming and will never make you bored. So, it is a perfect place for you to visit.
  2. Then, for everyone who loves the flowers, you can choose to also enjoy the beauty of Flower Dome. This attraction will be a perfect thing to attract more people due to the vibrant colors. The dome will make you feel like you are in a breezy spring day. With lots of colorful flowers in the dome, you will experience something new there. It means, you can get more than just a simple thing to consider when visiting them with your loved ones.
  3. If you take your children with you, the Children’s Garden is one of the best places you can take them. In this place, you can experience more than just a simple activities for the children. You can also get more things that will be perfect as you can choose to get the safety and unique things there. So, you can consider the best of it! It means, you can take the children without getting worried.

See, there are some unique attractions as you visit Gardens by the Bay. The various gardens offer various experiences as you get there. You can also take the children with you as it is so beautiful and simply charming. By getting along with the gardens and the beautiful place there, you can get the most unforgettable memories as you visit Singapore. There, you can also get more than just an experience the fun things as you visit the beautiful Singapore but also something educative for the children.

Things to Know about Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

If you love traveling, then Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. In this country, you can experience so many things and get more insights towards the new places there. Singapore is indeed giving you some new experiences that will be memorable. Therefore, you need to plan your trip perfectly. Everything needs to be chosen and decided as the best. Of course, choosing the accommodation in this country is something important because you need to experience the truest and most authentic Singapore style.

When you are looking for the best things for your trip in Singapore, you need to make sure that you can get the most attractive place for experiencing Singapore. Maybe like visit Unveil the Beauty of Gardens by the Bay. So, why don’t you choose a hotel that is comfortable and luxurious? Marina Bay Sands is the choice for everyone who is looking for the best hotel with the authentic Singapore sensation. This hotel provides several types of rooms that will give you comfort and luxury. Of course, you can choose the rooms based on your preferences.

Some Best Facilities in Marina Bay Sands

If you are choosing a hotel, of course you want to know the facilities and features that are available for you. In order to find the best hotel, there are some requirements you need to know. You can also choose Marina Bay Sands due to its beautiful style that will make you never forget about your trip to Singapore. In this hotel, you can also experience some facilities that are provided by the hotel. It will make sure that your trip to Singapore will never be dull. So, here are some facilities in Marina Bay Sands that you can experience:

  1. The first thing you will experience is the super luxurious hotel room. This hotel provides more than just a beautiful hotel room for every guest, but also a room that will feel like a home away from home. The staffs are helpful and perfect for everyone who is looking for the best experience as they are spending time in Singapore. Besides, the room is completed with a plafond high window that will be perfect for everyone to fully enjoy Singapore view.
  2. When it comes to you to feel relaxed, you can get a morning dip sensation in Marina Bay Sands infinity pool that will be suitable for everyone who loves enjoying a refreshing moment with the loved ones. You can even enjoy watching sunset from the pool, getting a feeling about simple yet also magnificent experience when you explore the beauty of Singapore. Get the best experience as you stay here and enjoy the view.
  3. If you are one of those people who love the fancy treats and foods, you can choose visiting LAVO restaurant. There is also a rooftop bar in this place, making you feel easier in enjoying the days. In this restaurant, you can get the best foods cooked by the professional chef. There is nothing to doubt as long as you stay here, you will feel satisfied with the foods. Consider holding a party? There is also a DJ booth available here, adding more fun for your moments.

There are plenty of attractive things that will be perfect for you as a guest in Marina Bay Sands. In this place, there is nothing like staying in such a luxurious hotel to spend your holiday. It can also be a solution for every couple who wish to spend their honeymoon. With such hospitality and luxury, you can get the most memorable moments in Singapore. So, what are you waiting for?

Fun Activities to Do in Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

Spending your holidays in Singapore might be good, but you might also think that you need to make priorities when deciding the destination. Of course, choosing a destination in Singapore is not something simple. You need to work your way to make sure that everything is easy and suitable with your schedule. Therefore, choosing a fun place to visit with your loved ones to visit in Singapore is essential. In this case you can choose visiting Universal Studio Singapore that is simply fun and attractive. When it comes to you to get along with the destination, you can choose this place because it offers you lots of attractions.

Things to Do for Beginners

As a beginner, you might be confused about what to do in Universal Studio Singapore. With lots of attractions, it might be quite difficult to decide which one to visit. Besides, we understand that you don’t want to waste your time as you wait for the attractions. Don’t worry, you can get some unique things as you choose the attractions in Universal Studio Singapore. There are so many attractions that will never make you bored. It depends on you to choose the best parts of your trip. But, here are some activities you can try:

  1. As it is a place with various attractions, you can try getting the rides in this studio. There are some places with movie themes, making sure that you can experience a unique sensation as you get them, just like being in one of your favorite movies. The good news is that you can also experience some attractions as rides, making it more attractive and you can even feel the adrenaline rushing in your blood!
  2. If you want to have a good photo as you go there, you can also join meet and greet session in this place. As there are so many characters of the movies that will appear, you can take photos with them to make it more attractive. There are some characters from Universal Studio’s movies. One of the most popular is the character of Marilyn Monroe who will be easy to find in the meet and greet session.
  3. Visiting a fun place like Universal Studio is nothing but boring if you cannot get them easily by finding the right things to bring home. In this case, you can purchase some souvenirs from this place and go shopping as you like. Don’t worry, the souvenirs are not too expensive, especially as a token of you choosing the right thing to bring home after the trip.

There are so many fun activities you can do as you are visiting Universal Studio Singapore. In this theme park, you can find many unique foods that will make you miss the place so much. To enter this place, you can purchase the tickets in the ticket box or even booking them online. You need to make sure that you have the ticket ready before you go to Singapore to ensure the schedule you have.

The Fun Hunting of Singaporean Street Foods

Singaporean Street Foods

Being on a vacation is something great, especially when you have a chance to explore the beauty of Singapore. As one of the most modern countries in ASEAN, you can see that there are plenty of attractive things in Singapore. Besides, you can also explore more activities as you spend your days in Singapore. In this case, you can try choosing some new things to explore in this country. From the famous Gardens by the Bay to the unique Haji Lane, you can visit them and see the beauty of Singapore.

There is also one thing you shouldn’t miss when you explore this country; the street foods. Plenty of street food vendors are available in this country. The good thing is that there are plenty of vendors who are aware of the health aspects, making sure that everything is easy for you to choose. Indeed, choosing the street foods is not something easy. If you cannot choose the foods, you might end up don’t like it. Therefore, we’ll give you a brief information about the delicious Singaporean street foods that will be suitable with your taste.

The Tasty Street Foods in Singapore

When you are looking for the best foods, you can count Singaporean street vendors are some of the best. There are plenty of foods that will be available. From the sweet ones to the spiciest ones, you can choose them based on your taste. Don’t worry, the price is not too expensive. You can buy them simply in the sidewalk, as there are so many street food vendors that will give you the delicious foods. So, what are the foods you can choose? Here they are:

  1. Singaporean Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the must try foods as you stroll around the street. In this case, you can taste the sweet ice cream which is wrapped in a bread, making it satisfying as well as refreshing. The taste is also various as you can choose them based on the flavor you like. Don’t worry, it will be one of the tastiest ice cream you ever try in your life.
  2. When you visit Singapore, make sure that you can choose Wanton noodle that has become one of their favorite foods. This food is influenced by Hong Kong foods, but it still delicious and also will make you feel a satisfying experience when getting them. The noodle is usually topped with vegetables and pork. You can also choose eating them dry or wet with the soup. The taste is very delicious and you can add more bowls when eating them. Be ready to be addicted!
  3. Laksa, a fusion between Malay and Chinese taste, will make you feel satisfied when trying them. No need to explain, this kind of food is somehow delicious and warm, making you feel like you get a new sensation when choosing this food. There are two kinds of laksa, which are the one with curry soup and the one with asam soup.
  4. Satay, which is originated from Indonesia is one of the street foods you can try in Singapore. Indeed, Singaporean cuisines are influenced by many cultures, which makes it even more delicious. The skewed meat will be marinated and grilled to give you a rich flavor with savory sensation.

See, there are so many foods you can try as you stroll around Singapore busiest blocks. You can try choosing those foods to be your snack. But, some foods will also be suitable as your lunch or dinner. Make sure you browse about the best food vendors before deciding to buy the foods so you’ll not get disappointed.