Japan Travel Guides Kyoto

Having appreciated sitting just about 3 hours on the Shinkansen from Odawara (my outing to Mount Fuji and Hakone) at last lands in Kyoto city, the city that was before the capital of Japan.

In the event that our shadow in Kyoto is a customary Japanese city, the shadow promptly lands at the Kyoto railroad station. The station building is the same as Tokyo: present day and enormous, the end of the tram and Shinkansen, likewise incorporated with the city transport terminal. Out of the station there is additionally no indication of this city can be arranged conventional. Kyoto is likewise an advanced city, its avenues are wide-width, and surely swarmed.

Just before the station there is even Kyoto Tower that looks taking off itself among different structures in the city of Kyoto.

As I remain at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel, there is a free transport from Kyoto station to the Hotel, it merits sparing the vehicle cost for 2 evenings here. This lodging is simply inverse Nijo Castle, one of the in addition to.

Itinerary in Kyoto



Nijo Castle

Sidetrip: Fushimi Inari Shrine

Sidetrip: Nara

Kyoto can be your base of home on the off chance that you would prefer not to remain in Osaka. The subsequent separation is just around 23 minutes by Shinkansen (secured by Japan RailPass in the event that you have any). You can likewise take an immediate train to Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX) from Kyoto. Kyoto is likewise near a few communities and attractions, for example, Nara and Inari.

To appreciate, we need at any rate 3 new days can visit the compulsory vacation destinations in Kyoto. Here I outline in one page, however I did in 3 days (counting Nara).

Transportation in Kyoto

Japan Travel Guides Kyoto
Japan Travel Guides Kyoto

For touring visit in Kyoto, there are two methods of transportation that we can utilize: Subway and transport.

On the off chance that you have IC Cards (Pasmo/Suica/ICOCA) You can utilize the transport or Kyoto tram.


The metro line is just 2 lines: the Karasuma Line (North-south bearing) and the Tozai Line (east-west course). For the most part arrive at the midtown territory and not exceptionally helpful for voyagers.

There is a one-day go for trains (¥600). On the off chance that you travel multiple outings, you should purchase this go at the counter station.


The city Bus is set apart with Orange number board. Notwithstanding Orange shading implies it’s private transport that the scheduler is less uncommon. Since the tram line is just 2 and doesn’t cover all districts, for the most part we should rely upon the city transport on the off chance that you visit sanctuary or vacation destinations. For the transport number from which to where, I use Google Maps.

Step by step instructions to jump on the transport like in Tokyo, so we enter from the center entryway, get the ticket. At that point when going down we pay to the driver, by and large is level toll ¥230.

A one-day pass is accessible for City transports (¥500). Step by step instructions to purchase this one-day transport pass is just take the city transport (from the center entryway) at that point we purchase from the driver/transport driver. Later this card will be in the approval/print date on the back of the plastic card. Next Trip live demonstrate this card to the transport driver.


After the inn checkin and baggage I turned out badly, the day was dull around 6 pm. The main goal is to Gion just as discover supper.

Not a long way from Gion-Shijo station, meet a little eatery called Issen Yoshoku, which sells Kyoto-style Okonomiyaki. The nourishment is very alright, the table enhancements are increasingly dreadful. We are joined by a stuffed mannequin doll in a kimono, just as ‘ intriguing ‘ divider adornments.

Gion is a well known region with Geisha and Maiko. BTW This calling is halal and decent well in Kyoto, the thing that matters is a long way from being portrayed in Hollywood motion pictures.

These Geiko and maiko work in tea-house or café that generally accumulated on Hanami-Koji Street, go with visitors eating Keiseiki that without a doubt the value for every individual can be one million rupiah. This geisha café marker is a red lamp before the passage. Individuals said we need additional karma in the event that you need to meet geisha again the path here.

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One of the primary shopping road in Kyoto is Shijo-Dori. The area is only a couple of hundred meters eastwards of Gion. We can go legitimately here by metro (Shijo Karasuma Station or Gion Shijo).

Kyoto’s principle exchanges are not a long way from conventional fan and green tea. Need to bite whatever you think there is constantly a sample of Macha: KitKat, Candy, chocolate, until frozen yogurt. A portion of the back street (little passageways toward the north) has a shop that sells trinkets, for example, Shinkyogoku and Teramachi.


Kinkaku-ji (Temple of Golden Pavilion) is apparently one of the must visit if coming to Kyoto. The spot is exquisite and if in the photograph is extremely wonderful.

I originated from ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel, so simply take transport number 101 or 12 around a little ways from inverse lodging (Nijo Castle front stop).

It would seem that this structure has stood long, however Zen Temple was recently remade around 1955, just as the expansion of gold covering finished in 1987.

Confirmation ticket costs ¥400 per individual, we will be given a ticket as paper obsession:) The Area is very enormous, so set up a leg to investigate.

The lanes are single direction, so we simply pursue the groups. The principal fabricating that looks Yes Gold structure. At that point we will stroll down the recreation center to the Tea garden, where you can appreciate the Macha and cake (pay once more) in a straightforward Japanese function.

In the back there is Fudo Hall where neighborhood occupants have a solicitation.

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle, however a fortification, is really the living arrangement of the Tokugawa Shogun in the Edo time frame.

The fundamental structure here is the Ninomaru Palace, which houses the Shogun. As a matter of fact, a few homes are interconnected into one. Inside we can not take photographs, so it’s eye experience as it were. We need to remove the shoes to peruse the substance of this structure. Is fascinating that the wooden floor here is made so it can popping whenever stepped on, so if there is lawbreakers the Shogun is prepared to be cautious.

The Nijo Castle Area is open, particularly on account of the manor plan, so it is made of 2 layers of cautious dividers, and there is just one passageway entryway. The nursery Area itself is wonderful, so get ready 3-4 hours to appreciate it.