10 Things to Enjoy in Singapore

A new experience that’s different

Of course, you may have been here, but you certainly haven’t seen it, you haven’t played it.

Visitors can collect this list and compare each activity on this list of tours to see if they have experienced all the Singapore excursions, including famous excursions and less well-known activities.

1. Enjoy Coffee at the Cafe

Singapore’s cafes are booming and there is no sign of a pause. Enjoy delicious coffee and mouth-watering cuisine at cafes such as Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Symmetry and Maison Ikkoku.

It’s not possible to stop, of course, because there are many more cafes in the Bugis and Lavender districts, including The Hangar, a Melbourne-style cafe, and Antoinette, a French pastry shop.

2. Visit the National Gallery

The National Gallery of Singapore was built for a full decade and opened to the public in November 2015. Located in the former High Court and Government Building, two of Singapore’s most iconic national monuments, the museum showcases modern art from Southeast Asia, the largest in the world.

Amazingly, the National Gallery takes advantage of stunning, flawless museum sites such as the High Court Hall and the Meadow Atrium of the Government Building, showcasing more than 8,000 works of art.

3. Island Jumping Tour

Signs at the entrance to Coney Island. Visit Coney Island, one of Singapore’s newest tourist attractions. Located on Singapore’s northeast coast, Coney Island is 50 hectares of walking distance from Punggol Point Park and is ideal for cycling and bird watching. Other islands worth visiting are Larelius and Pulau Seringat, which are connected to the southern islands of Singapore.

Take a ferry from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island and enjoy the natural pollution-free beaches.

4. Sightseeing routes for cultural sites

Learn about Singapore’s long history through cultural heritage tours such as The Queenstown Cultural Heritage Tour and Changi Museum World War II Cultural Heritage Sightseeing. The former features a free guided tour of The Dawson and Alexandra districts of Queenstown on the last Saturday of every month (registered here), while the latter’s highlight is a tour of Singapore’s most iconic World War II sites in Changi.

5. Experience local cuisine

A plate of chicken rice. You’ve probably been to popular places like Maxwell Food Centre and Newton Food Centre, so why not go to these not-so-many deli centres? To some neighborhood dining spots such as ABC Brickworks Deli Center, Old Airport Road Food Center, Xiamen Street Food Center, and Tambini Food Center

Ines Round Market and Food Centre are a variety of delicacies such as roast duck, chicken rice, fish fillet soup and fried radish cake.

6. Visit Singapore’s Wet Market

Inside the stalls at the Wet Market in the Bamboo Foot Center. Experience locals buying fresh food, frozen meat, spices, dry food and other food in residential wet goods market, such as: Zhongyulu (Zhongyulu wet goods market), cattle truck water (cow cart water building) and Small India (bamboo foot center) and so on. Which location is the best place to go?

You can experience the local group housing areas in these areas and see how the local people live.

7. Go see a local brand and buy affordable fashion

Visit Singapore’s local and non-mainstream brands such as the In Good Company store at the Orchard Shopping Centre and the SABRINAGOH store in Capitol Piazza. Or see casual, avant-garde, trendy clothing and other clothing at Sects Shop by Depression and SUPERSPACE at Orchard Gateway. If you’re looking for an affordable price, check out sportswear at Queensway Shopping Centre in Sportswear, and if you’re looking for a brand discount, go to the IMM Jurong Mall to see Osim, Charles and Keith, Adidas, COACH, etc.

8. Stay Dynamic

Stay dynamic in the city, too. How about going to the indoor trampoline garden? Jump in the AMPED trampoline garden. Or climb at Kallang Wave Mall (rest assured that indoor rock climbing doesn’t feel like a fire). You can also go surfing at Wave House Sentosa.

If you like time-limited guessing, play “Secret Room Escape” fantasy exercise mind! Whether it’s watching, playing, eating and buying a lot, you’ll find the unique side of Singapore and even become a regular here.

9. Visit the Farm

As many may know, Singapore is an urban jungle, but it is not surprising to see farms on the outskirts of the city. If you like to play on the farm, go to scenic spots such as Bollywood Vegetable Farm, Lian Hang Wah Quail Farm and Jurong Frog Farm.

If you’d like to stay, head to D’Kranji Farm Resort, a relaxing hotel in the port of Linton, featuring activities such as spacious villas, spa treatments and shrimp fishing.

10. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the outdoors

Singapore has many scenic green resorts and outdoor attractions. Take a bike ride along East Coast Park (and then hang out by the sea) and hike to the MacRitchie Reservoir to challenge the 250-metre suspension bridge known as the Tree Top Walk to see The Wanli (Mandai) mangroves or walk along the Goose Waterway Park.