Top 10 cheap places to shop in Singapore

Singapore is world-famous for its modern shopping malls and branded goods.

Visitors flock to some of the iconic buildings and markets for shopping.

Singapore can meet your needs for high-end brands, but to be honest, when you walk into a big shopping mall like ION Orchard and see the price on the label, the high price reduces your enthusiasm for shopping. Does this mean you have to place an order online while waiting for delivery?

Of course not! Even if your budget is limited, you’ll find affordable fashion items or everyday items. Here are some guides to tell you where to buy something that’s cheap.

Top 5 cheap places to shop in Singapore

1. Chinatown

In Singapore, Chinatown is perhaps the best place to buy traditional Chinese goods. There are not only discounted goods but also a wide variety of souvenirs. Walk into Chinatown and there are lined up stalls on both sides of Pagoda Street.

Everything from cheap clothing to consumer electronics. If you think the things on the stall are a bit tacky, you can go to the traditional shop behind the stall. These shops offer a lot of rare and fun things, including antique furniture, Chinese fans and so on. You can certainly find something that fits your budget.

2. Bukis Street

This cheap shopping spot is at the bottom of the list, but it’s the largest place to shop, with more than 600 shops. Every country has a market that becomes a frequent visitor.

Bukis Street Cheap food

In Singapore, there is a market called Bukit Street. Here you will find all kinds of cheap goods. Including fashion clothing (especially T-shirts), bags, food, and household items.

In addition, there are K-pop products, electronics and clothing accessories. If you don’t see anything you like at the stalls, check out the nearby Bugis Junction mall. There, you’ll find some something more expensive.

3. MUSTAFA Shopping Centre

Mustafa Shopping Centre is a haven for cheap shoppers, with more than 300,000 different items on display. In addition, the shopping centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is open all year round.

There are many low-cost items, including clothing, cosmetics, electronics, groceries, stationery and shoes. If you like delicious Indian curries, go to Mustafa Shopping Centre to buy a variety of food and spices.

4. Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza is another place to shop cheaply in Singapore.

Shops ranging from jewellery to clothes offer plenty of shopping options for shoppers who demand affordable prices. Tired of bargaining? Take a break and relax at a cheap but well-known spa and hair salon.

5. Lucky Plaza

Luxury goods and cheap goods can be found in one place? It is well known that shops along Orchard Road are usually aimed at wealthy shoppers.

Good Place to buy Souvenir, Lucky Plaza

The Lucky Building, on the other hand, has set up a row of shops selling affordable goods.

Although you may find the layout of the shop a bit confusing, the 30-year-old building still exudes retro charm. Here you can buy cheap clothes, chocolates and souvenirs. Or enjoy a cheap brow repair or haircut.