The Fun Hunting of Singaporean Street Foods

Singaporean Street Foods

Being on a vacation is something great, especially when you have a chance to explore the beauty of Singapore. As one of the most modern countries in ASEAN, you can see that there are plenty of attractive things in Singapore. Besides, you can also explore more activities as you spend your days in Singapore. In this case, you can try choosing some new things to explore in this country. From the famous Gardens by the Bay to the unique Haji Lane, you can visit them and see the beauty of Singapore.

There is also one thing you shouldn’t miss when you explore this country; the street foods. Plenty of street food vendors are available in this country. The good thing is that there are plenty of vendors who are aware of the health aspects, making sure that everything is easy for you to choose. Indeed, choosing the street foods is not something easy. If you cannot choose the foods, you might end up don’t like it. Therefore, we’ll give you a brief information about the delicious Singaporean street foods that will be suitable with your taste.

The Tasty Street Foods in Singapore

When you are looking for the best foods, you can count Singaporean street vendors are some of the best. There are plenty of foods that will be available. From the sweet ones to the spiciest ones, you can choose them based on your taste. Don’t worry, the price is not too expensive. You can buy them simply in the sidewalk, as there are so many street food vendors that will give you the delicious foods. So, what are the foods you can choose? Here they are:

  1. Singaporean Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the must try foods as you stroll around the street. In this case, you can taste the sweet ice cream which is wrapped in a bread, making it satisfying as well as refreshing. The taste is also various as you can choose them based on the flavor you like. Don’t worry, it will be one of the tastiest ice cream you ever try in your life.
  2. When you visit Singapore, make sure that you can choose Wanton noodle that has become one of their favorite foods. This food is influenced by Hong Kong foods, but it still delicious and also will make you feel a satisfying experience when getting them. The noodle is usually topped with vegetables and pork. You can also choose eating them dry or wet with the soup. The taste is very delicious and you can add more bowls when eating them. Be ready to be addicted!
  3. Laksa, a fusion between Malay and Chinese taste, will make you feel satisfied when trying them. No need to explain, this kind of food is somehow delicious and warm, making you feel like you get a new sensation when choosing this food. There are two kinds of laksa, which are the one with curry soup and the one with asam soup.
  4. Satay, which is originated from Indonesia is one of the street foods you can try in Singapore. Indeed, Singaporean cuisines are influenced by many cultures, which makes it even more delicious. The skewed meat will be marinated and grilled to give you a rich flavor with savory sensation.

See, there are so many foods you can try as you stroll around Singapore busiest blocks. You can try choosing those foods to be your snack. But, some foods will also be suitable as your lunch or dinner. Make sure you browse about the best food vendors before deciding to buy the foods so you’ll not get disappointed.